The Heat is On

We live in a diversely beautiful place. As long as I’ve lived here and as much as I love the outdoors I’m sure there are many adventures & beautiful places still left unseen by my eyes. I can’t wait to get out there and be a part of everything around us that we call home. The sun is a friend of mine.

But lets face it. It’s hot out there. Right now is the time to hide from that glorious sun and keep our cool until we can begin exploring again. So shut those shutters, find a cold drink and kick your feet up. Until we can take back the day we own the early mornings and evenings.

Tip of the day: Shutters are the best product for reflecting heat and block out 92% of the light. Let the light in is our motto, but maybe block it out for now.



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Tiffanys Cleaning tips

One of the more commonly asked Question we get here at Tiffany Shutters is how to Clean plantation Shutters. First, do not use any abrasive cleaning products, this will potentially ruin any finish on your wood or paint. The best and safest cleaning solution for your shutters is to use a soft towel and simply applying water to it to moisten the (clean & soft) towel. Paper towels are not highly recommend but can work in a worst case scenario. The easiest way we have found for your to clean your wood shutters is to take a large bowl of water and moisten a towel. Do not scrub hard the wet towel on the surface of your plantation shutters or you can harm the finish or paint. Keep in mind the occasional deep clean (beyond dusting) is a good practice to keep your shutters looking top notch. If you have some kind of a stain or mark you can try something with nonabrasive like certain uncolored liquid soaps. Make sure to whip dry your cleaned shutter surface to keep away from water spots. Happy clean shutter everyone!