Give me 5!

Giving someone 5 means something cool just happened or you achieved something wonderful or you just read about 5 awesome reasons to have plantation shutters installed in your home. The following list will no doubt leave you looking for someone to “High Five!”


1. Instant gratification. Our first reason is all about vanity and looking beautiful. Installing shutters will transform your home into something more beautiful the moment they go up. It also makes having curtains, valances or other window dressings unnecessary. They stand on their own and look amazing doing it.

2. No strings attached. I remember hearing stories of little ones getting tangled or choking from a dangling cord and it was always a fear  in the back of my mind. Well now I have one less thing to worry about as I shutter the world one home at a time.

3. Let the light in. Shutters let in tons of light either by opening the louvres, using the tilt rod or by opening up the whole frame. And they are great for closing the light out when you want to sleep in or keep the neighbors from seeing in.

4. Energy Efficient. Shutters are great insulators. In fact they are rated #1 for heat blockage. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get out of the kitchen, just shut the shutters.

5. Easy clean. Shutters can be opened up and dusted from the back. Just a quick wipe down is all they need for these low maintenance, beauty bringing, non hazardous, light bringing (or blocking), energy saving, 100% handmade wood plantation shutters.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to give the nearest person a high 5, maybe you should just slap yourself with that hand.


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